Growth Through Positive Momentum

Show up as your best in every situation! Q High-Performance Coaching helps entrepreneurs, business leaders, and athletes take control of their lives to become the best version of themselves.

You can guess how to do it or learn with a proven science-based process. High-Performance Coaching is an influence process that leads to discovery, decision-making, performance improvement, and better living. After every session, there is a ripple effect of energy that impacts the way a person leads their life. This ripple effect, or momentum, changes how a person thinks, feels, and reacts to situations because they better understand who they want to be. Perspectives change as clients make decisions and commitments toward their goals. And yes, we celebrate the little wins along the way as you take back control of your life. The goal is to have better satisfaction and show up as the person you want to be.

"Succeeding beyond standard norms over the long term, while maintaining well-being and relationships. The ongoing feeling of full engagement, joy, and confidence comes from consistently living from your best self."

- Abe Quiring

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Certified High-Performance Coaching (CHPC) is the highest-regarded coaching curriculum in the world. Certified High-Performance Coach™ are specifically trained on the science-backed frameworks and skills needed to implement a 12-week (90-day) coaching program with a wide range of individuals, including entrepreneurs, managers, executives, athletes, administrators, students, and anyone else who wishes to enhance their lives and accomplish their goals more efficiently.